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Depends on what you like, but other cities in Finland are quite small. Turku and Tampere are the next largest and can be easily reached by train. You could also check Rovaniemi in the Finnish Lapland, but you'd need to fly (Finnair or Norwegian) and May is very much off-season in Lapland.

For nearby foreign destinations, you could also take a cruise to Stockholm (Tallink Silja) or a train or cruise (St.Peter line) to St. Petersburg in Russia. With train you need a Russian visa, cruise passengers can enter without a visa for up to 72h.

If it's just hotel prices that are putting you off from staying in Helsinki and you want a hotel room specifically, the chain might be a bit cheaper. They have a couple of very well located hotels in Helsinki. There's no staff on site (you get a PIN code for the doors), but you get to stay in a normal hotel room. They also give a 15% discount on your next stay if you sign up for their newsletter, though not on their English pages (Google translate is your friend here).
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