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I called the Marriott PLT desk one hour ago to respectfully advocate that SPG LTP either be grandfathered as the new LTPP, or offered an avenue to earn that status. The PLT agent said that they had received a number of similar calls, and that she believed there was new guidance from above, and asked me to wait on hold while she checked with Marriott Rewards supervisors. I will share exactly what I was told, and please ask that readers treat me as Sgt. Joe Friday, and know I am only sharing the facts as I received them, without any hyperbole added.

1. After checking with two separate MR supervisors and a hold time of nearly one hour, the PLT agent said she was told that SPG LTP will be grandfathered as LTPP. She said that it wouldn’t be right to not grandfather SPG LTP as LTPP when the other two LT groups (MR LTP and RC LTP) are

2. She looked specifically into my own account (with SPG LTP, only modest MR history), and assured me that I would be grandfathered into LTPP

3. She said that it’s important that SPG LTP link their status to their MR account, as this online match is apparently necessary in order to be eligible for the grandfathered status.

4. I asked if she could send me an email confirmation of this for my records. She said that she would be glad to. I have included that email below, and have redacted her personal information since she was very helpful, and I have no desire to get anyone in trouble.

This will be cross posted to both the SPG and MR FT appropriate threads. Wishing all well during these uncertain times!


First off, I would like to thank you for your patience today and the extreme long wait you had to endure.

Your question to me was: why under the Marriott account are the Platinum Lifetime elite members going to grand-fathered in as Platinum Lifetime Premier?

I spoke with a representative in Marriott Rewards and they explained that as of today, if a Marriott member and also SPG, and you have linked your accounts together that as of now, you are considered a Marriott Reward member, where as you will also be grand-fathered in Rewards as a Platinum Lifetime Premier.

I hope this helps.


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