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Originally Posted by og View Post
It was a very quick and easy check of the QF web site to find the requirements relating to this issue:

I'm very happy that QF enforces these rules for the obvious reasons.
I bought from ebay where it says Amp Hours: 6-8 hours. Using Qantas calculation ("Note: Watt hours (Wh) are determined by multiplying the voltage (V) by the amp hours (Ah). ie. 12V x 5Ah = 60Wh") this makes it 160Wh so within the limit (just). As explained earlier (with link provided) the 50000mAh is meaningless (and Qantas knows this hence the use of Wh). I had never seen the MaxOak website that puts it at 185Wh

The reality is that Qantas were happy to take it but this particular airport was not. Every other airport is happy to take it (I have flown with it ~50 times). Qantas argument was that the airport was liable not them.

Of course, now I know that it is 185Wh I will not try to fly with it again. However, following Qantas guidelines (to determine Wh by multiplying voltage and Amp Hours) it was reasonable of me to assume it was OK and therefore unreasonable of Qantas not to compensate me for its loss (imho - but I realise I'm not getting much support for this view here ).
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