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IC Baan Taling Ngam Koh Samui

IC Baan Taling Ngam Koh Samui

Were you (or for multi-stayers are you generally) happy with the hotel/stay?
Absolutely not

Which room did you book and which upgrade did you receive?
Booked Classic. Got King Suite.

How are the rooms?
One spacious big room with shower and bathtub freestanding at the back of the room. Spacious, modern, clean. Few issues like lights in the cabinet not going off etc.
Deck with nice view, but there is a antenna mast with several cell antennas in from of the room in the middle of the resort

How is the exec. lounge?
No lounge, they offer some kind of lounge experience which consists of breakfast in the main restaurant, high tea in the lobby area and happy hour in the bar area one floor below.
Breakfast selection is just average for an IC, service is inattentive and constantly forgets things ordered. High tea is in a nice setting, but food quality is not up to regular standards (sandwiches with dried out bending bread, cakes halfway molten by sitting in the heat to long etc). Happy hour is a joke. Minimal food of mixed quality (including some fish balls friend in extremely rancid oil etc).

Did you receive a welcome gift?
Yes. Some strange pants. Did not take

How was the minibar?
Just average

What was good and what was bad?
+ View from the lobby, the bar and the deck
+ Secluded location, number of pools
+ Good selection of fruits for breakfast
+ Some staff is very friendly, but many are not very efficient and not well trained
+ Harnn Amenities (fortunately no Agraria)
- They charge you for everything, steamroom, all kinds of activities (even those which normally are free) etc
- Cell tower in middle of resort
- check in experience was strange. After arriving nobody there welcoming us. One employee sitting behind the reception desk who could care less. No help with luggage. No explanation of benefits or resort in generat. Claim of 3 level upgrade which was not true.
- club experience, especially happy hour
- they are not willing to call a taxi for you. Even for going to a restaurant in the local area they charge 1500 bath (?!?). There is Grab, but it can take very long for a car to show up
- constant service issues. Almost no request was done in time or correctly
- Don't remember any other hotel lately where I was asked for the room number (even by the same person on the same day). Other hotels tend to address you by name after a few days
- Prices are insane for food or drink. About double of what I am used to in 5stars in Thailand

Value for $ or Priority Club Points?
Too expensice compared to other places on Samui or in Thailand for what they offer

Would you return?[/QUOTE]
No way! The other ICs in Hua Hin and Pattaya don't have an as good view, but are better in basically all aspects. And a price of 12000 bath ++ for a room is too expensive for what they offer.

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