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Originally Posted by jspira View Post
This random thought crossed my mind

<snip> unless there's a lounge that I really want to spend time in, I tend to arrive at the airport pretty close to departure time (and am dumbstruck when people tell me they are arriving two or three hours prior).
We frequently make the drive from San Diego to LAX for international flights, since it's more practical to catch a flight from LAX than it is to drive to SAN and get a connecting flight to LA. If you don't build in a 2-3 hour "what if there's traffic on the freeway" buffer, you may well miss your flight. I left with 4 spare hours on a recent flight, and the traffic was so horrendous that it took 4 hours instead of 2. I made it with time to spare. I find rushing and near misses too stressful. It's easier to plan ahead for the worst, and, if it happens, it's no big deal. It also gives me a chance to count my blessings... all those poor people who have to commute on the freeway. I feel for them.
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