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Originally Posted by The_Bouncer View Post
Conversely, things I do that other people don't get:

Get to the airport very early - and I mean crazy early, as in 4 hours. Yes, I spend a lot of time sitting around (usually in lounges eating free food and drinking free coffee/beer, etc.), but a million miles and I've never missed a flight.

Book 23-hour layovers. A taste of another city for the price of an airport hotel. The flight is usually no more expensive with sub-24hr layovers - I find this a great way to extend my travelling experience.

Carry cash - and I mean 4-figure sums - in at least 2, preferably 3 hard currencies.
1. Early arrival - I'll go for two to three hours early, 4 just seems like an incremental increase to me. Not odd at all to me.
2. Overnight layovers - I love these and book whenever the opportunity arises. For exactly your reasons.
3. I have an ATM accessible no fee, no currency exchange fee account that I use only for international travel. Before leaving, I load that account with the appropriate amount - more than I need, but not so much that I'd be anywhere near penniless if I lost the card and had that account drained. I also carry maybe a couple of hundred dollars in US currency (which I've never had to use except when I return to the US).

I'm going to leave the whole class of travel for others, because even though I fly l/h premium - often paid for - I can't really argue with your approach. I can go 5, maybe 6, hours in steerage. And using your exact logic, that's what I do.
But more than that and I'm just dealing with back problems when I arrive.
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