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Conversely, things I do that other people don't get:

Get to the airport very early - and I mean crazy early, as in 4 hours. Yes, I spend a lot of time sitting around (usually in lounges eating free food and drinking free coffee/beer, etc.), but a million miles and I've never missed a flight.

Book 23-hour layovers. A taste of another city for the price of an airport hotel. The flight is usually no more expensive with sub-24hr layovers - I find this a great way to extend my travelling experience.

Carry cash - and I mean 4-figure sums - in at least 2, preferably 3 hard currencies. I actually use cash as little as I possibly can (no points or miles), but I feel a lot better having it with me, knowing that if the brown stuff really starts flying I can dump a few hundred bucks on a hotel counter or even a couple of grand on an airline counter if I really have to. You never know when credit cards are going to get hacked, etc.

Now the big one, that I expect some debate on:

Fly economy class. I could afford business or even first class if I really wanted to, but I feel I can get much better value on the ground. I have flown long haul business before (never actually paid for it) and I have to say I wasn't impressed enough to fork out thousands that I feel could be better employed by staying longer at my destination or taking another trip later.

I am breaking this rule later this year and flying UK-USA-UK in first at a greatly reduced price (2,300GBP MAN-LHR-ORD//MIA-LHR-MAN) as a matter of curiosity, to see if F actually makes the difference and if it's worth blowing my stack of miles on. I don't think it will spoil me - I've already booked a long haul Y flight for 2 months after my F flight.
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