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Originally Posted by jspira View Post
This random thought crossed my mind

In my case, since I never check bags, I am often shocked when I travel with someone who checks a bag (yes, I admit I simply should be more selective about travel mates). I always have some kind of lounge/sleepwear for bedtime in case the pajamas provided aren't terribly nice (and I'm really shocked when some people say how nice they are, an example being the original AA pajamas), and unless there's a lounge that I really want to spend time in, I tend to arrive at the airport pretty close to departure time (and am dumbstruck when people tell me they are arriving two or three hours prior).

Good that you note it was a 'random thought' rather than a 'thought out before posting' thought. LOL

Obviously as another poster has noted, how you perceive something always depends on the individual and their circumstances, etc. I can't say anything I encounter when travelling actually 'shocks' me. That's a pretty strong word to use. There are things I notice other people doing or not doing when I travel but none of it even surprises me never mind shocking me. Some of the things I notice do sometimes amuse me though.

Since I chose to no longer need to work for a living, I notice how so many people are in a rush in every possible way. Caught up in the Rat Race and so sure that their 'need' to rush should trump anyone's lack of such a need. I stroll through the airport, on the walkways, down the aisle of the plane, etc. I have plenty of time to check a bag and retrieve it at leisure. I don't have to concern myself with having some disallowed item in my carry-on, everything is checked except my documents, a book to read, etc. I can arrive at the airport early or not as it suits me, I live to no schedule other than my own wishes.

If you just take a minute in any busy airport to just stand and watch the people, you will see how fast they are moving. Why? Instead of being surprised by people who check bags, you might want to consider why you don't have time to check bags.

If anything actually surprises me in what I see others doing, I suppose it is how few seem to realize that "the mass of men live lives of quiet desperation" as Thoreau wrote. I always remember an acquaintance who once said to me over lunch, that he was 'so busy living the life, he had no time to live life.' It might be worth thinking about.

You might find this article provides some food for thought in that regard.
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