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Originally Posted by PAX_fips View Post
I stopped doing the ...-thing -- which so many, also in here at FT, do.
It's people, some maybe on their first flight ever or just on holiday crazee, or the entitled ones pushing others around?
Many levels where I was feeling dumbstruck.

Chill out! Unless actual harm (physically) could be at stake, I will just come along.

Relaxed travels.

Agreed. Go with the flow and adapt as necessary.

Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post

and if your phone inexplicable disappears or dies? paper BP is a pretty good backup
I like to keep one on my phone, but also have a paper backup. Either from a printout, or from an agent.

Originally Posted by Offshore171 View Post
1. When booking a multi sector long haul, pay close attention to the layover times for each option. Sometimes the booking engines serve up options that are crazy tight, even if they are technically legal. Eg, 70 minutes at Dubai or 65 at Heathrow.

No way I'll take one of those, your contingency is gone. Give me a 2.5 hour layover.
Same here. I'd rather spend an extra hour or two and play it safe, than to risk a miss and waste much more time. Even on the odd chance you make it most of the time, still not worth it to me either.

Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
Deadbolt/chain/latch my hotel door so I don't have to post a "walked in on naked" thread.
This for sure.

Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
Realize the "remove your belts, remove your watches" isn't really needed, at least for what I've worn through security hundreds of times.
Definitely. I grabbed a belt that's got a carbon fiber buckle and no metal at all. Use it all the time, and never have to take it off.

Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
Move to the right, with my bag in front of or behind me so others can walk up the escalator if needed.
Stand right, walk left.
Definitely this.

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