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Originally Posted by jspira View Post
This random thought crossed my mind

In my case, since I never check bags, I am often shocked when I travel with someone who checks a bag (yes, I admit I simply should be more selective about travel mates). I always have some kind of lounge/sleepwear for bedtime in case the pajamas provided aren't terribly nice (and I'm really shocked when some people say how nice they are, an example being the original AA pajamas), and unless there's a lounge that I really want to spend time in, I tend to arrive at the airport pretty close to departure time (and am dumbstruck when people tell me they are arriving two or three hours prior).
I am dumbstruck when people don't realize that maybe you built in 20 minutes for traffic/subway delays, 15 minutes for bag check delays, 30 minutes for TSA fustercluck, and an additional 10 minutes to get food b/c your 6pm flight has only pretzels, and yes -- this is why you might have arrived 2h prior.
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