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Originally Posted by Quark999 View Post
Is there a source for this? If planes already fly with the antenna mounted, then I would have expected that the aerodynamic, interference and whatever else testing would have already been carried out, activated or not?

Considering that the European Aviation Network was only "completed" on February, 5th (Inmarsat, Deutsche Telekom complete European Aviation Network - I am personally not holding my breath for a quick entry into commercial operation, even if there was imminent CAA approval if that is indeed outstanding - "Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom said EAN service is scheduled to start during the first half of this year, a delay from previous schedules that anticipated a service start during the second half of last year."

Which is probably part of the reason why there is such a big gap between BA's announcement and reality...

​​I don’t believe the system can be used by BA until the cases are settled.

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