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Yeah, I'd rate your chances as much better on the way out than on the way back. Most passengers with advance E+ seat assignments are probably gold or above, but obviously there are exceptions. Still -- wide open E+ is a good omen. For a lot of routes, 4 weeks is too early to expect the seat map to mean much, but I think most people plan Hawaiian trips a little further in advance.

Since you already have E+ seats by virtue of the subscription, personally I would delay check-in until I arrived at the airport in EWR. Then -- assuming you haven't already cleared -- check the upgrade standby list for SFO-OGG. Compare the number of empty seats in F to the number of passengers on the upgrade list, after subtracting any who appear on both the upgrade and standby lists. If there are still a few seats left over after you do that, you might consider splitting and hoping for the upgrade. If not, you can decline the upgrade during the check-in process and avoid having the record split.

I should point out that time of check-in is a tiebreaker on the visible upgrade list -- it's the last tiebreaker, after status and fare class. So, this strategy trades a slight decrease in the possibility of clearing the upgrade for a better insight into whether or not splitting is worthwhile.
Your advice makes sense. Although at 28 and 29 weeks preggo my husband may let me take the upgraded seat instead and I can avoid having him leaning on me when he falls asleep the whole flight. In that case might be worth checking in at T-24
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