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OK I'm starting to get confused about this CPU and auto-splitting of PNR thing at check-in. My husband and I are flying EWR-SFO-OGG round trip in a month and by that time he will be silver and eligible for CPU on SFO-OGG legs. We are both on the same PNR. So my questions are as follows:

1. So when he checks in and says that he would like to be considered for upgrade that is when our ticket will be split?
2. There is no way to guarantee being upgraded together?
3. Where will I be on the upgrade list relative to him?

Currently at a month out our SFO-OGG flight has 0 booked in first so hopefully our chances our good going there at least (5 booked out of 16 coming back), but I'd love some clarification.
1. Yes, that's correct.
2. No. However, if you feel like risking it, the SFO-OGG upgrade process will continue to run between T-24 and ~T-3. So, the longer you delay checking in, the greater the chance that you might both be upgraded together before check-in, which doesn't require a split. However, you run the risk of losing out on preferable E+ seats, both on SFO-OGG and on EWR-SFO.
3. On the way out, you should be immediately after him. If you elect to split the reservation on the way out, it's my experience that on the way back, you'll be at the bottom of the list for Silver members.

What day of week are you flying? What type of aircraft? In general, the chances of an upgrade as a Silver are never good. California to Hawaii used to be a fairly easy upgrade for a Silver, but that's no longer the case. UA has dramatically reduced prices for the first class cabin, which has resulted in many fewer seats available for upgrade. UA will also sell upgrades to passengers during the check-in process, and many people may be tempted on an overwater flight. If your flight is on a 757-200 (with lie-flat seats), your chance of a free upgrade is virtually nil -- people will book those preferentially. On a 737, your chances are small, but 0/16 is obviously a good sign. Your best chances for an upgrade are midweek.

Good luck!
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