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After loading the bus we took a fairly short drive to the terminal. By the time I arrived on the second bus the first had already spat out the hordes of ET passengers who were forcing their way into the building and up the escalators towards passport control. There are two sets of escalators/stairs to negotiate to passport control. Unfortunately, despite being first of, I was one of the last into passport control and the place was packed (I suspect another flight had also recently arrived) and I ended up in the slowest queue.

Faced with such adversary I did what any self respecting Brit would. I tutted and stood there. I explained I was transferring and my response was met with strange looks. Nether-less I was directed back down the stairs from where I came and I was into the security channel. I was the only one there and again the agent seemed confused.

By 17.02 I was back in the terminal and by 17.05 I was at the gate. Boarding (again by bus) took place at 17:10
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