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Originally Posted by Goldorak View Post
Bolding is mine
I think you are confusing with another strike here. The summer 2016 one was a PNC strike which was not too long even if of course it had some effects. The hard pilot strike was in september 2014 (2 weeks strike) but they obtained almost nothing IIRC. It was a real fiasco for SNPL even if they never admitted it publicly to not loose face.
Sorry, typo. I meant 2014 not 2016.
There are different readings of the 2014 pilot strike.
Despite some victory claims by AF management, the pilots won their major point. They blocked the Transavia Europe project.and showed that their strength was devastating. They did not get the "unique" pilot contract, but that was mostly symbolic.
They showed that they could co-manage the company's development.
AF management never risked to antagonize pilots again by hiring pilots under a different contract for Joon, making the lower cost concept for Joon somewhat unbalanced.
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