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Originally Posted by Bay Area Blue View Post
It all has to deal with aircraft swaps, especially when going from an 800 to a 900 and this seated in Premium Class. You see PC on an 800 is rows 6-10 with Main Cabin starting at 11. Prior to the change, PC on 900ís is rows 6-9 with Main Cabin starting at 11; meaning there is no Row 10. When you swap an 800 to a 900 prior to the change, the system canít move those previously in PC Row 10 to the same seats on the 900 because they donít exist and thus PC Passengers get randomly reseated in the Main Cabin. With this change implemented, they will now be re-seated in row 10 but it will not be PC but still the seat they selected.

And yes, the new windowless window seat is now 11A.

Interesting explanation, and I'm glad they've had the foresight to remedy the issue.
I've ALSO notice that on half of my reservations, they've randomly blocked 11A, the new windowless window seat.
But on the other ~50% of my 739 flights, they have not.
I'd totally support the blocking of that seat until departure, to prevent the frustration of a passenger finding that they've booked a wall seat in spite of their best efforts.
Give it to some poor non-rev! LOL
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