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Originally Posted by Ichinensei View Post
Flying YYZ to EDI on Wednesday via EWR. First leg on AC, 2nd leg on UA

1st question: AC changed the flight from 10am to a 840am flight, Now, both flights show up on the UA itinerary. Is this a problem?
2nd question: Flying into EWR, can you see the Statue of Liberty and if yes, which side of the plane is it on most likely
3rd Question: If I want to upgrade to Economy Plus or Business in the UA leg, should I do this first before I check in on AC website or it does not matter?
and can it be done, after I checked in? I'm thinking yes, because when I print the boarding pass the next day, the seats should reflect it right?

Sorry, I know these questions might be the equivalent of 1+1 for some of you, but I don't fly a lot anymore. thanks
1. Not a problem at all.
2. Depends on the runway in use, and really too small and too far away to see. Once again depending on the runway in use you may get a view of the NYC skyline.
3. If you want to upgrade on the UA leg, that can be done via the UA app or website. Sounds to me like this is an 016 (United) ticket, and you should be able to upgrade your seat through their website or their online checkin. You need to check in for the AC flight, and I've found that can alter your seat assignment on the UA flight (happened to me twice, bought E+ seats on UA and went to check in with AC and they were gone, and needed to be fixed after). So check in with AC first, then upgrade on UA after would be my advice.
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