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Originally Posted by DELLAS View Post
Sorry lets quote the whole text with the link to that statement.

Is my selected seat guaranteed?

Your selected seat is guaranteed. In the unlikely event of any change due to operational reasons, we will do our best efforts to reallocate you an equivalent seat type with the same characteristics (window / aisle / middle seat, Up Front / Extra Legroom). If no such seat is available, then you are entitled to a refund.


So they agree to do their best to guarantee it but if they cant for operational reasons then you are entitled to a refund. You paid nothing so this does not apply. Legally you have no leg to stand on Im afraid. Again I do not deny you the right to be angry and aim that anger by phone or writing to the correct channel which is A3 customer services but what you did was still wrong and bad manners. It was the way in which you conducted yourself and handled it I take issue with.
We differ totally in our views. For me, the bad mannered behaviour is wholly Aegean's. Their staff mistakenly believed that I had no right to seat 5A; they turfed me out into middle seat 12B; and they refused let me even discuss the matter with a supervisor. When corporate misbehaviour happens, customers need to take a stand against this when it occurs.
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