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Correct! Passenger allocation does not equal passenger count in this case.

A F/A friend of mine said that before the introduction of Polaris they were advised that the extra amenities (pillows, mattress pads) were going to be boarded at 60% of passenger count. I don't know if they've adjusted that (up *or* down) but I doubt they boosted it to 100%.
Passenger allocation is still 60% for gel pillows. Mattress pads are down to 40%. Asia flights are 100% slipper provisioned, all others are at 60%. These are all supposed to be boarded at the departure station

PJs are provisioned at 60% for the round trip on 12+ hour flights. Like the (100% provisioned) amenity kits, they are boarded on the ex-US flight. If the outbound uses them all or misplaces them, the return may not have the correct provisioning.
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