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Originally Posted by StuckinITH View Post
On my routes, W is often $1000 more for the roundtrip than the cheapest fare I can find. I could justify it somewhat by the fact that work would pay Business if the price is reasonable and they do pay the cash portion if I use miles and cash to upgrade and they do pay the TOD price if I take it. But, then, it's a lottery and the uncertainty of getting upgraded when I paid $1000 more made me change my feelings about it.

I thought that I had plenty of flexibility on dates as I can choose if and when I go someplace and can shift dates to days around or weeks around the target date but have not been able to find a flight with R>0 even when booking flights 2-5-7-10 months in advance. I don't have so much flexibility on routes as already to take the TPAC, TATL or domestic flights, I have to connect through ORD and I'm unwilling (I know, my fault) to add an extra segment. But that is due to 30 years of real bad experience: any additional segment increases my chances of getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the trip.
It could just be bad luck of the routes you usually take. If you typically fly EWR-SFO-SIN and back, I can see you never having an upgrade and never winning the lottery. But there are certainly other routes where it is not that difficult to find R>0

Now if I had to do that every month and another airline offered a similar route that could upgrade me, I'd certainly switch airlines for that single reason.
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