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Originally Posted by madix View Post
- The air vent in front of us was pointing at us full blast. Asked FA to fix it. Nothing happened.
(Oh and the sundae was awful too. The butterscotch sauce had huge clumps of gelatinous goo and the ice cream had ice crystals.)
Agree, that must be annoying. I do find some FA's have memory issues, not sure why they can't write things down. I also often have trouble getting someone's attention during the dark parts of the flight and I usually sit in a bulkhead right next to the galley. I have the same issue in domestic F. I get a drink with my meal. If I am not proactive or havent finished my drink by the time they come get my tray, then I've pretty much lost my chance to get a refill. Towards the end of the flight, the FA will come by and I'll hand them my glass asking for a refill, but either they ignore me or they don't hear me and assume I am handing them my glass to take away for cleanup. I always choose a window seat so I don't want to bug the person next to me just to walk up and get a drink. When I force it, I can see some frustration in their face like "why does he want a refill this late in the flight, why didnt he ask earlier".

The 77W polaris seats are nice because you can get out easily and walk up to the galley to request what you want.

Just curious, why were you unable to adjust the vent yourself? Was it broken, too tight?
The sundae isnt really anything the FA has much control over.
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