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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
Yes, they absolutely do. First, the passenger buys an economy ticket he or she might not otherwise buy (might have either flown another airline, or not at all). Second, the passenger must buy a W fare or higher to use the GPU. The typical W premium is in the $200-500 range per roundtrip. UA keeps that money regardless whether the upgrade clears.

That's really unnecessary. You know I understand perfectly. I just don't agree with you
There was no insult intended. Let me expand on my thinking.

Sure a customer may pay more for a chance at a free upgrade such as your example of having to buy a W for a chance at using your GPU. But this is money UA already has. If you don't get the upgrade you don't get anything back. You are paying to enter the lottery basically. UA wants more money so will sell it over giving it away. They don't take money they already have into consideration. And for CPU's all the RPU's and GPU's do is put you higher on the list, it is still a free upgrade. So no matter how you look at it CPU, RPU, GPU it is a free upgrade in UA's eyes as money already in their pocket doesn't enter the equation. If they can get more, they will. Is that clearer?
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