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It's a known fact that the airplane is not stocked with the number of pillows equal to the crew + passenger count. On one flight to Asia (16 hours flight), my wife went to the galley just after lunch to request a gel pillow. The last one was given to the person who had requested it just before my wife. That person had also gone to the galley and was still standing there waiting for the FA to come back with her gel pillow. To apologize for the lack of the gel pillow, the FA gave my wife 2 pajamas. My wife said that was not needed but the FA insisted that she take it. I guess it was recovery mode. I was on the same flight (no gel pillow for me either) and can tell you that very few passengers had gel pillows. Since then, we request the gel pillows at time of boarding to guarantee that we each get one.
I did not read the post which you quated the same way you had. The crew does receive the same saks amenities which I mentioned. However the post you quoted mentions crew count plus passenger allocation which is generally accurate.

On my last couple of recent flights as fsr as I know I was the only person to request the gel pillow for the overnight flight and one of two people to request the pillow for the daytime flight. The mattress pads were not touched on either flight.
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