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Originally Posted by eeflyer View Post
It's disappointing that UA seems to be slowly cutting as much as it can from Polaris. It's bad enough that folks are not guaranteed amenities such as PJs and mattress pads. However, I did observe troubling behavior during a SFO-TPE flight last December. While sitting in e+ during boarding, I noticed at least 2 FAs carrying 2-3 gel pillows each and going to the back (crew rest I presume?), only to return 5 minutes later. There must have been a nice sized pillow fort in the bunks I'd be disappointed if I was a paying J customer and was not able to get one.

Has anyone observed anything similar?
I've not seen/experienced that, but I did read someplace that the crew are each allotted a gel pillow for their rest break (i.e. The airplane is stocked with the number of pillows equal to the crew count + passenger allocation). I wouldn't be surprised if they were all boarded in a central place (the J cabin) and it was up to them to move their pillows to the crew rest area. The optics of retrieving the pillows after passengers are on board is not optimal, though...
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