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Originally Posted by Zarmakuizz View Post
Air France has enough partners for alternative flights in case of strikes. They are used to it.
I recognize it might sound scary, especially for people outside Europe.

The French regulations regarding strikes have recently changed in favor of the passengers: staff must announce strike at the very least 2 days before said strike movement. This leaves Air France a 48h timespan to rebook affected pax.
At the same time, Air France opens the rebooking options free of charge in case of strikes. Possible solutions are: taking a flight at another date (the day before or after), an alternative route with a partner airline, etc.

All in all, just check the strike status 2 days before, and reach AF/KLM (FB/Twitter/Call) if you are affected.
Another pax reached KLM by social media and got rebooked in a matter of minutes.
You make it sound like a walk in the park, just another strike, what's the issue, Twitter will sort you out... But [apart from the fact that we tend to forget that not everyone out there has a nickname and is a regular on FlyerTalk], nearly every single airline, these days, has enough partners for, as you put it, alternative flights hence I'm not entirely sure I get what you're trying to say there. That, together with a number of other factors, doesn't change the fact that those strikes, regardless of the way Air France handles disruptions to passengers as such or just because another pax reached KLM by social media and got rebooked in a matter of minutes, have an incredibly negative impact on the airline and I, like many others who regularly choose to fly AF, have simply had enough, full stop.

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