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Originally Posted by pushmyredbutton View Post
Quoting Seatguru really won't help, as that's a terribly inaccurate source of information for recent changes. However, giving the OP the benefit of the doubt, a 739 operated ANC-LAX from March 22-26.
Sure, seatguru is awful. And thanks for that benefit of the doubt (I guess?). It was N442AS. The seat row numbers changed between booking (and multiple looks thereafter) and check in.
Being an extremely-well-informed aviation nerd of the first degree, I'm actually fairly adept at taking care of myself, and filling in seatguru's gaps.
N440AS operated AS109 on Tuesday. Again, the seat rows at booking, and the seat rows at check in, did NOT match.

I mean, what more do I need to be considered a credible source of first-hand information? A higher number of posts? FlyerTalk Evangelist rating?
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