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YVR Do September 14-16, 2018

So this is both an overdue and poorly timed announcement for a YVR Do this fall. *Note: For those of you who may have wandered over from the AC forum, this is NOT a Dorian Do - no swag! For the rest, disregard and proceed as normal.

Current plans include craft beer, walking tours Sat/Sun through Gastown/Chinatown/Granville Island, a group dinner on the Saturday night and possible assistance organizing one or two "flight-seeing" tours on float planes if enough interest on Sat/Sun.

More details to follow, it just may take a little while as a) I am about to head off to a Do myself right now and b) my laptop officially bit the dust a couple hours ago and I really hate typing things out on a screen. Once more organized I'll get a wiki up and running. I just wanted people to have the opportunity to sort hotels. Snagging a flight is easy, but the hotels are ridiculously expensive in September.

Look forward to seeing you there!!
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