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Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
Thanks for the response. So it appears like I am stuck with flying out of MSP at 6.30 AM even if there is open space on the 4 PM flight since I can only do so at the airport and if I am already there I may as well fly out rather than take a cab back home. I'll keep watching to see if "I" space opens up and then deal with changing the flight with United.

Couple of follow-on questions: Will I have to collect my checked bags or will AC hold on to them given that the layover in YYZ is nearly 12 hours? I am considering putting in a few hours of work from the lounge but obviously wont be able to do that if I have checked bags to deal with. In the event AC does hold on to my bags, is the lounge adequate (wifi speed, availability of conference rooms for calls, etc) for work?

Thanks again!
Bags will be tagged through and remain in the airport. You will go through an express passport control and then re-enter the international departure area. However, if you are free to follow the normal arrivals channel and leave the airport and then come back. There is a train that goes downtown from YYZ.
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