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What's with this "Seat Purchase Confirmation" email that's almost totally blank?

I just randomly got an email yesterday that's odd for four reasons
  1. The flight is not mine, not close to mine, and definitely has nothing to do with me.
  2. The title is "Search Purchase Confirmation", which is something I've never seen before (I've flown hundreds of segments recently with all kinds of crazy purchase methods, modifications, etc... never seen an email with this forma, though!)
  3. The email is almost entirely blank. I've crossed off my email address and the Record Locator, but everything else was blank.
  4. The links to view the reservation online actually work and they show this ticket is for someone else and, interestingly, the ticket was $0. The only charge was $5.60 for a Sep11th surcharge.
This was yesterday (Saturday March 24th, 2018). Anyone else get any strange emails? Maybe United was just borked?

Here's a screenshot:

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