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I get that, and from a numbers perspective it makes sense. If they see the use of the airplanes more profitable elsewhere, fine. But how can you expect to keep customers of the airline you bought or even increase customers in new markets, with all this UA PR mess how can you not take their customers, when you cut any reasonable routes. If you are based in the bay area, it makes sense for you to stick with UA/WN even if you dislike them as a company, AS will take you to Seattle and LAX, great but beyond that it won't work. At some point AS has to decide if they are just content going N-S, or if they have to make some play to win people over by competing to a hub.
AS canít be everything to everyone, particularly in the Bay Area. There are a lot of people who donít have regular travel to Denver. For those that do, AS/VX would always struggle to compete against UA with a superior schedule.
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