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It is just nonsense to think about bits and pieces, whatever "soft" perks.

The real Lumos fly so much that if AY really wanted add something useful they should offer Lumos unlimited, availability permitting, J upgrades on short haul, period. It is only 100 people so just pennies. You get the snack, the drink, the newspaper, the seat block all in one package. Same day standby or whatever, only useful on very rare cases for most/many pax, Finnair really doesn't have the network to offer much choice, maybe some dom/nordic feeders but that's more or less it. That they should have for Lumos for sure, costs them nothing.

These snacks and papers etc. whatever freebies people are so hungry for are ok for thousands and thousands of customers..like us Plats, but Lumo is not a tier, it is an exclusive club and things given to these guys should be something more than a 50c snack bar...

If I was running AY, I would:
1. Kill the possibilty to exchange points to reach Lumo, only by flying
2. New requirement to have min. 4 AY long haul flights in paid J per year, otherwise no cigar
3. Unlimited SH upgrades. Lumos get so many vouchers and points anyway that they can upgrade most of their long hauls, if they even book Y on long haul to start with (not easy to get 450k points by flying cattle)

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