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Originally Posted by on22cz View Post
So far the soft perks seem quite poor. Seat reservation in the lounge and early on-board service privilege aren't really much memorable. AY, please step-up the game!
I would not crucifice AY just on this. Soft-perks? I think honestly you are asking too much. Think about how much they can do things in the SOFT-perk way, I doubt much... Bur rather, they can much better control tangible things such as below Nowindowseat mentions.

Originally Posted by NoWindowSeat View Post

They don't even guarantee a paid long haul J seat, which would be a REAL benefit, and as they did for Plats earlier.
Just my opinion, which can be of course totally worthless: if I had a Lumo card, I would be quite confident that, when calling their Lumo-hotline, asking nicely about a fullfare J ticket on a fully booked flight, they would kick out a pax and make room for this Lumo person. Just my 2c.

BTW this thread has a risk of filling with lots of posts but very litttle data points. I have nothing against that, but then it will be difficult to find the relevant data points when time goes by. Recommend a wiki about true data as soon as data points start to appear.
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