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I believe the BoB threshold lengths, like the Polaris pyjama lengths, are measured by average stage length over some time period. For example, LAX<>SFO goes as short as 1h11m and as long as 1h45m, so it makes sense to average it to <90min on UA's part (or at least is vaguely consistent, given they clearly can't be serving BoB on the 1:35 flights and not the 1:25 flights).
I don't disagree with your observation, although like the pyjamas, it has prompted me to wonder why they don't just use a mileage chart to determine PJ provisioning or BoB / snacks. Mileage is the underlying variable in the stage length, so attempting to average the variance out of it and using that as the deciding factor is oddly opaque. But perhaps that's what they want.
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