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Originally Posted by BThumme View Post
These were e/e+ experiences...where sometimes the snack options are better then the snack choices in F. I've also gone about 1/10 on asking for the IPA beers.

I should clarify the stroopwaffles have usually been available, I'm referring to the bigger items.
In LAX/SFO in E/E+, this is nothing new. Since I've started flying UA in 2015, there has never been snack boxes offered or even available if I requested. They are not catered on the short flights.
I can't say the same for ORD-YYZ as I've never asked on that flight. However, if you read the snack offerings it says "For Flights scheduled for over 1.5 hours?"
LAX/SFO is not. ORD-YYZ might just be by a minute?

I don't fly ORD-YYZ to know if something has changed. But in my opinion, for LAX-SFO, nothing has changed. its "too short" a flight.
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