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Originally Posted by tryathlete View Post
If I board a TPAC or even a long TCON and my seat reclines (a function I’ve elected to use by seat selection), and you attempt to stop me from reclining with a “knee defender” or your knees, or a child seat, we’re gonna have a conversation with the FA about it and one of us is gonna be moving or adjusting that “blocker” post haste.

What on earth gives a passenger with a child the right to inteude on my space? If the child seat doesn’t fit in the space allocated, without taking some of mine that I’ve paid for, there’s a size problem with the car seat.

All this talk talk about safety makes sense but safety has to fit into the envelopenpaid for and not take additional space or it ought to be banned. If your child seat takes up less room facing forward, then that is one solution. If not, move to the bulkhead, or find another seat that fits.
Don't choose a window or middle of five and it won't be your problem.
You will not succeed in anything but getting yourself offloaded if you engage in a persistent argument that your reclining is more important than that baby's safety and the additional comfort the rest of the cabin gains by the baby being calmer due to the configuration of the seat.
Nor should you.
You read this thread. You know how to avoid losing your recline. Just don't pick the wrong seat.
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