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Originally Posted by Kate Kilmer View Post

First, please know that I'm not complaining about a baby's safety - I am always for a baby's safety above everything else.
My question is this - I sat on a United flight and my seat was in front of a baby who was seated in a car seat. The seat was positioned so the baby faced the back of the plane.
Positioning the seat in this manner is often more safe for the baby - and so should absolutely be positioned this way.
Because of this positioning, my seat was unable to recline - not even a little bit.
I wrote to United after my flight and they said "they were only responsible for my travel, and that a reclining seat is not guaranteed."
As a gesture, they did return a portion of my frequent flyer miles.
However, my question is this - doesn't the cost of my ticket include the full use of my seat, and a reclining one at that?
I'm just curious as to what my "rights' are as a paying passenger.
Thank you.
Just some random thoughts:

Infant seats are rear facing to support immature muscle development and considers that the airbag might pop out and do harm.

Reclining seats for me dont provide enough of an advantage to go through the rigamarole of using them. And separately when the person ahead of me takes the precious few inches of personal space I'm slightly indignant, but then I get over it because again, so little space differential.

Glad you did too.
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