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Originally Posted by 1010101 View Post
It's not just the lounges, or the airport. Walk around central London on any given weekday and most of the people you see think they're doing the most important deal in the world.
Slightly OT but thought worth a mention, those who think the streets of Central London are their personal running track. ...!!

Originally Posted by Telecasterman View Post
Ok so I might be on my high horse, however I have to say I am going to throw this one out there.

On my last 5 visits to the F lounge which is touted as being tranquil, escapist etc... blah blah... how utterly annoying its become.

1. Random guy (yes guy as a rule) headphones in to smartphone walking around the place at top of voice and talking utter crap as a rule. Seems way more prevalent in F than anywhere else.
2. Random guy - I'm gonna impress the girl from the office, third glass of whatever alcohol starts talking loudly and swearing to dismay of said female colleague. Gets shirty when asked to shut up (yes I am not afraid to tell him).
3. I'm gonna spread everywhere and give u a ...... look when u dare say or express hey 'do you you really need 5 seats!"

heres my starter - care to add yours?
Though not lounge related a recent incident where a similar annoyance (couple of girls playing Vlogs on their phone at full whack) at the table next to me in Starbucks. So, I went to one of the many porn sites on the interweb and streamed full volume on my phone a porno movie which left little to the imagination as to what the couple were upto in the video. Said girls and I locked eyes and I just said (Now you know how annoying It is for me). Job done as they then shared the headphones. Maybe somewhat drastic but it worked. Oh, and I did stop the stream. Who me, streaming adult movies, really!!

Originally Posted by xtommox View Post
I hate when people bring their goats into the lounge 😉😉😉

Unless it's a formally registered emotional support goat?
Was the goat guested in or did it have status?

Originally Posted by jonjparr View Post
I was recently in Club MCO waiting for my flight back to the UK. There was an older couple from Wales who had been in Orlando for a few weeks on holiday and the Dad used FaceTime to speak with their daughter back in the UK. Audio was on top volume so you could hear every word of the entire conversation. After the Dad had finished talking to their daughter he passed the iPhone to his wife and the daughter promptly announced, "By 'eck Mam you've put on weight haven't you?" I had to do everything I could to stop myself from bursting out laughing.
This is one rare occasion when you appreciate being able to listen in to other peoples conversations.

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