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Originally Posted by WickedStepMother View Post
I won’t be driving - have never driven on the ‘wrong’ side of the road before! I know there are some companies offering day trips from Phoenix but it seems like a lot of travelling to fit into a day, even when you aren’t driving.
I don't know about tours but have seen an outfit called "Arizona Shuttle" who do scheduled trips between various Arizona locations. They seem to go to the Grand Canyon.

I can understand your reluctance to drive on the wrong side of the road but it does open up a lot of places that are otherwise almost impossible to visit. My credentials for wading in on this topic are
  • fully paid up little old lady who is likely to be driving at at the speed limit when everyone else thinks 20 mph faster is normal
  • never drive in the dark
  • solo traveller who is too stubborn to own a satnav despite indifferent navigational skills
  • bit of a scaredy cat about driving
That all said I think that Arizona is one of the least worst places to drive in the US. The other drivers seem to be fairly co-operative and considerate - I have even had people let me in front of them when I have got in the wrong lane and taken a while to realise. I have a list of airports that I would not even think about renting a car from and none of these is in Arizona. Even Phoenix was ok last year.

My usual strategy is to fly to a smaller airport as there is likely to be less traffic and there is less chance of leaving the airport and immediately joining the freeway. Tucson is my absolute favourite but not useful in this instance. I scrutinise the route out of the airport on Streetview so I know what to expect and what to look for at the various turnings and even what lane to be in.

When I went to the GC last year I flew to Flagstaff. Got out of the airport on small roads and getting into the town was ok. Nothing big and scary all the way to GC. Once you get to the park there are shuttle buses so you don't need to use your car during the day.

However you get there I would suggest staying at least one night otherwise there isn't time to do much apart from peer over the edge and confirm that it is really, really big.

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