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Originally Posted by Gig103 View Post
This whole thread reminds me of comedian Brian Regan's bit "I walked on the Moon".
Slightly off topic but I have to tell this.

Reminds me of a day a few years ago in Norway. My sister has a friend who is a total "me monster" and arrived at our holiday apartment. She says "oh, I just happened to be passing" on the way down from Tromso. We all looked at her and thought???? Passing? This is flipping' Henningsvaer, Lofoten, people don't just happen to be passing.

Anyway, she told the story about her at a zoo/wildlife park and a bear was on it hind legs at the fence and was opening its mouth and she said.......

"None of you would know how ferocious a bear can be" With that "me Monster look of smugness"

We all started giggling and my sister then said. "Well Cyclops here does"....... and I said, "Yep I was attached by a bear when I was 16."

Se then turned the topic 180 and said "did I tell you I have a new car?"
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