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Originally Posted by Telecasterman View Post
Calum do you actually believe that? for me and Im a wealthy individual the last thing I would do is talk in a public place.
My Dear, True though this may be, I'm not sure that I would announce such information on the internet.

Everything that everyone has said is merely, and sadly, a commentary on life in society as a whole. Consideration for others, basic good manners, and politeness are sadly the exception rather than the rule. All of the examples quoted just show that no matter how much money people have, they can still behave like slobs. When people attempt to take over a whole sofa for themselves, that is where I want to sit more than anywhere. I have had people snatch all their beongings and storm off elsewhere to my overwhelming indifference.

As for the text after the phone number being bellowed out - that is priceless and I will indeed attempt it. Thank you!

Actually, is conduct in the Flounge worse then any other Lounges? You use them more than I do so I would love to know whether you think so or not.
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