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I do detest loud talkers, and am a great believer in brevity on calls in public. But when I am travelling for work its unavoidable to have to make calls in lounges sometimes, and now and again they may go on a little bit. And I personally quite like walking around because (1) it means that I'm not sitting and disturbing one or two particular people nearby with 50% of a conversation and (2) if I do have to mention anything confidential it can be talked about in an area of the lounge without flapping ears nearby. Plus I just like walking around on calls!

The business area is probably the worst place for a call - if I am there I am trying to write something and having someone on a call in what is a confined space would be annoying. I quite like the Terrace - the white noise of the terminal means one's voice is less obtrusive (relatively speaking!) But the area at the top of the escalators up to GF is also good. Its quiet, out of the way (in a sense!) and no-one to annoy. Say 'hi' if you see someone on a phone who looks like they are in lounge purgatory
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