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Originally Posted by azepine00 View Post
There are smaller carseats which are less likely to interfere with reclining. There are bulkheads. You can put a family member in a seat with obstructed reclining.
Sceneras and Combi Coccoros are about the smallest RF convertible seats. They will obstruct the recline on an Embraer. I've installed a Scenera on Embraers. An infant seat will, as well, even a fairly compact one, like the smaller Snugrides.

Definitely, though, getting a bulkhead seat or putting a family member in front of the child is the best bet, but it's not always doable.

Seats do not have to be installed rear facing in aircraft - typical guidance is for cars. 5 yo definitely does not require a car seat on a plane.
It is parent's responsibility to be considerate but unfortunately too many take a position that the world revolves around them.
Infant carriers and any seat occupied by a child under age 1 can only be rear-faced. There is no other option. Infants need the seat to be reclined more than forward-facing seats do, for one. It's why seats designed for infants have a level indicator on them to make sure the seats are secured at the correct angle. Also, the guidelines for installing seats on planes are the same as those for cars, using the belt path installation method.

Perhaps a better way of looking at this is that we are revolving around the world, and we all need to hang onto each other and support each other, so that we don't get flung around too much. A little bit more of that way of thinking would go a long way, imo.
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