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Originally Posted by docbert View Post
If you don't mind a little extra time on the MTR there's a cheaper option to getting to the airport.

When using an Octopus card, there's no charge for MTR trips when connecting to the airport express. Normally this would mean you wouldn't pay for the Admiralty<->Central leg when connecting to/from the airport express.

However it also applies if you catch the Airport Express at Tsing Yi. Thus you can ride the MTR from Admiralty to Tsing Yi (which requires a transfer at Lai King - but it's directly across the platform so a simple change), and then pick up the Airport Express from there.

Total charge on Octopus is HK$65, rather than the HK$110 via Central/Hong Kong station. Travel time was about 10 minutes more.

In practice I'm not sure I would have bothered - but the fact I had ended up with exactly $15.3 on my Octopus card ($65.3 including the $50 you can go negative!) was a sign that this was the route to take
Note that there are various options for purchasing express train tickets, and it may take a little bit of figuring to work out which is least expensive for your situation.
  • For same-day return (e.g., a long layover), there's a specific return trip ticket.
  • For groups of two or more people traveling together, there are group tickets that are substantially less expensive, but these tickets can only be purchased at a ticket counter, not from a machine.
  • When staying multiple days and planning to take multiple MTR trips, express train tickets in conjunction with an MTR pass might be cheaper depending on how many MTR trips and to where and when you plan on taking.
  • Using an Octopus card gives you a discount on the express train fare.
  • Sometimes CX sells express train ticket vouchers in in-flight duty free shopping at a nice discount.
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