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I passed through GF today and every third person seemed to be strolling around speaking into their headset. Many wore an expression of pride, as though perhaps they were at the cutting edge, or that they were engaged in a more intense, fuller, life than those typing or reading. The sad fact is that most types of business that do require extensive verbal interaction are too sensitive to do in such a public place, which leads me to the conclusion that they must work for remarkably inefficient, unimaginative, and outdated, enterprises, and thus live less intense, emptier, lives than they suppose. Do they not even use Slack?

There is no point expecting staff to intervene. It is never going to happen, and I highly doubt they are expected or trained to. The best solution is high quality white noise such as falling rain played through top of the line Active Noise Cancelling headphones. I recommend Bose QC35s. The less legal option is attacking nearby WiFi access points, which would end most of the conversations by a momentary DoS event, but I don't advocate that except as a hypothetical, although probably fairly doable, fantasy.
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