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Originally Posted by samwilliams88 View Post
HI All,
I have a quick request, after achieving Bronze with my new job (we travel in WTP thankfully), I am 260 tier points away from Silver. Now I am 99% sure I am going to Chennai in the next few weeks again in WTP which will get me 180 tier points. Leaving me 80 tier points short. I am looking for a cheap back to back or overnight to get these tier points. Any good deals going for this little amount, or what would you do in my shoes? MY card year ends 8th August.
Thanks in Advanced
You have plenty of time. Domestics in CE can be had for subŁ200 and you can do these without needing to stay a Saturday night. Often cheaper from LGW than LHR.

Personally I would look at options from T3 such as LUX. Especially if you can get the later flight to enjoy the lounges there.
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