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Going out to Dubai on 22nd April, and although the sensible option would be to start in LHR and go straight to Dubai (or AUH for that matter) I am wondering if anyone has any suitable routing to gain some TP's. My initial thought was around using Qatar, but with the continuing ban on flights to UAE from there, that rules that out.
Budget around 1k, which is what WTP in BA costs direct from LHR, happy to start anywhere in Europe.
I did look at something simple like starting in INV, to add a few points, for actually less money, but do need to stick to One World.
Many thanks,
Following on from this, after much searching using ITAMatrix, the best I can come up with in Club is as follows, Starting in Milan, 1,215, itinerary below.
Can anyone do any better?

Many thanks,


Milan (LIN) to Dubai (DXB) - Sat, Apr 21

British Airways 569 Dep: 7:10PM Arr: 8:10PM 2h Airbus A319 Business (J)
Layover in LHR 2h 15m
British Airways 105 Dep: 10:25PM Arr: 8:25AM 7h Boeing 777 Business (I)


Dubai (DXB) to Milan (LIN) - Sat, Apr 28

British Airways 106 Dep: 1:30AM Arr: 6:15AM 7h 45m Boeing 777 Business (I)
Layover in LHR 13h 10m
British Airways 7309 Dep: 7:25PM Arr: 10:20PM 1h 55m Embraer RJ-190
Business (I)


Provide this information to a travel agent to help them match the fares
Make sure to provide the exact booking and fare codes shown.

Fare 1: Carrier BA INCEU28 MIL to DXB GBP439.13
Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code J, I
Covers LIN-LHR (Business), LHR-DXB (Business)

Fare 2: Carrier BA INCEU28 DXB to MIL GBP439.13
Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code I
Covers DXB-LHR (Business), STN-LIN (Business)

United Arab Emirates International Advanced Passenger Information Fee
Arrivals (ZR) GBP1.00
United Kingdom Passenger Service Charge Departures (UB) GBP45.45
BA YQ surcharge (YQ) GBP240.00
Italy Passenger Service Charge Departure (MJ) GBP1.20
Italy Council City Tax (HB) GBP5.80
Italy Security Charge (VT) GBP2.40
Italy Embarkation Tax (IT) GBP13.40
United Arab Emirates International Advanced Passenger Information Fee
Departures (ZR) GBP1.00
United Arab Emirates Passenger Facilities Charge (F6) GBP6.90
United Arab Emirates Passenger Security And Safety Fee (TP) GBP1.00
United Arab Emirates Passenger Service Charge International (AE) GBP14.80

Subtotal per passenger GBP1,210.95
Number of passengers x1

Total airfare & taxes GBP1,210.95
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