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Originally Posted by diver858 View Post
Still not buying it.
Unfortunately for AS, nobody else is buying their F seats either. Mint for B6 is icing on the cake as the A321s have nearly the same operating costs as their A320s yet they have 16 premium seats which increase the profitability. AS maybe has a few award tickets or upgraders on the route with relatively high costs, AS loses money and Jetblue has been regularly increasing the price of Mint and sells the seats.

AS says they are cutting the weakest performers. If this flight is not doing better than walk up fares of $49.30 on flights to LAX, you know it has horrible yields. What little advantage they had before Mint came along was just completely destroyed when Mint was introduced.
Those of us who fly AS refer to the front cabin as "Wide Front Seats" which includes spotty catering and free libations. This a a very small step up from the PE or exit row seats. The catering is very much hit or miss and mostly miss. The lack of PDB has been a detriment which we make excuses for. There is absolutely no reason anyone would pay for F except for the EQM's on TC flights .I have never found any reason to pay for AS F.B9 for Mint seems to be a no brainer unless you are trying to build your mileage balance on AS.
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