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Originally Posted by Mickidon View Post
We have the Tigers, Carp and Swallows under consideration, but would love thoughts on what else to consider. Feeling like the Giants at home would feel too corporate, or am I mistaken?
I squeezed in a Giants game at the Tokyo Dome two years ago when I somewhat unexpectedly had six hours of free time on hand. Sadly, it was yet another domed stadium in Japan and if I had an actual variety of choice, I would not choose to see the Giants at home.

You're lucky that all three you list are outdoor stadiums. Koshien (Tigers) is what people describe as being the Japanese equivalent to Fenway or Wrigley, where as the Carp play in Mazda Stadium, which seems like the closest approximation of a modern, outdoor MLB stadium. Keep in mind that the Carp have just come off their most successful season in awhile and demand for their tickets will be very high. The Swallows seem to be continually ridiculed as an irrelevant team playing in an old stadium but folks around these parts seem to enjoy going to the Meiji Jingu Stadium, especially in comparison with the Tokyo Dome. They have recently re-signed Nori Aoki, who is returning to the team after six years in MLB, so there's some excitement there.

Are the Yokohama BayStars an option? They have a convenient stadium at the heart of Yokohama and the fan interest there is probably as high as its ever been after a trip to the Japan Series in 2017.
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