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Sorry if this isn't the right thread, but I have a couple of trips with connections in AMS and in one case an originating departure from AMS coming up so want to prepare for what sounds like a security gantlet as best I can.

It sounds like proactively removing electronics, and perhaps other metal items, from one's bag is at least marginally helpful in reducing the likelihood of secondary screening.

Does AMS have any particular fetish for liquids? In the US, even in non-Precheck lanes, the liquids ban is all but gone, as long as you don't try to bring in any large single containers of liquid (i.e. you can bring multiple bags of 100mL containers, or have your 100mL containers all over the place in your luggage and not confined to a single baggie, as long as no single container is too much bigger than 100mL, and needing to put your baggie of liquids in a separate tray is extremely rarely enforced in the US these days). But I do find that at LHR they are still extremely thorough about liquids and my bag frequently gets pulled aside for extra screening if there is even a single extra liquid container anywhere in it. Is that also the case at AMS (which would affect my packing strategy)? Or is AMS's aggressiveness less specific than that?
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