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Originally Posted by Mickidon View Post
With that in mind, which teams should I prioritize for our upcoming trip to Japan in May? We are flexible on location and want to plan around one or two games....a few years ago we had tickets to see the Tigers play at home and a typhoon
took that option away, so we are trying again. We have the Tigers, Carp and Swallows under consideration, but would love thoughts on what else to consider. Feeling like the Giants at home would feel too corporate, or am I mistaken?
We caught home games at Tigers, Carp and Giants and I'd definitely give the latter a pass the next time. My take, and this is purely a personal thing, I'd rather see an awful team play at an outdoor stadium than a great team in a dome. I've seen sports in horrid weather growing up in NY but I wouldn't want it any other way than being out in the elements. That said, there aren't many open stadiums other than Osaka and Hiroshima.... I know the Swallows play outside but that might be it.
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